How to save money and eat right

Higher prices for gas, prescription drugs, utilities and food have everyone worried these days. For those on a fixed income, particularly older adults, finding ways to stretch their monthly household budget is made even more challenging by rising inflation. But, one way we can reduce costs is at the grocery store. You can stay on track with your weekly grocery budget while making sure you’re buying food that you like to eat and is good for you by planning ahead. So, before heading to the store, check your local market for sale items and then make a shopping list for the week – and, stick to it! When possible, buy in bulk for items frequently used and choose fresh produce that is in season.

Here are some other ways to help you save money on healthy food:

  • Shop at farmer’s markets. The Mayor’s Office of Food Access oversees a variety of farmer’s markets across the City of Boston that are affordable and accessible.  A full list of local farmer’s markets can be found here.
  • Take advantage of mobile markets. These free markets provide high-quality, nutritious food to low-income residents.  For more information on organizations offering mobile markets near you, contact 617-427-5200 or visit the Greater Boston Food Bank.
  • Get fresh fruits and vegetables from the $2 Bag Program at Fair Foods. Each bag contains over 12 pounds of mixed fresh produce such as fresh spinach, mangos, potatoes, and more. The program operates five days a week distributing food at churches, schools, housing sites, and senior centers. There are no eligibility requirements. For more information and a list of sites, visit Fair Foods.
  • Find out if you qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP provides a set amount of money each month on an EBT or debit card that is used to buy a variety of food items from a regular grocery store. Money is automatically added to your card each month. For more information and help with enrolling in SNAP, visit Boston ElderINFO or call 617-292-6211.
  • Consider Meals on Wheels. Older adults who are homebound may qualify for Meals on Wheels, which offers a variety of cuisines, including Caribbean, Asian, Vietnamese, Italian and traditional American fare, as well as vegetarian, kosher, and therapeutic dishes. For more information, visit Boston ElderINFO or call 617-292-6211.

For more information on fuel and housing assistance, nutritional resources for low-income families and more, visit our Community Resources page or call 617-292-6211.