Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Help for Grandparents

When grandparents take on the parenting role of their grandchildren, we can help. Our caregiver advisors can support grandparents by helping them navigate the social services system and connecting them to caregiving services and supports, such as:

  • Training, educational assistance and resources specific to the special needs and challenges of grandparents
  • Scholarships for technology, after-school programs, tutoring, and summer camps for grandchildren
  • Help with enrollment in the SNAP Food Assistance Program
  • Assistance with accessing statewide foster care and guardianship resources through the Massachusetts Kinship Navigator including:
    1. Family resource centers
    2. Support groups
    3. Mental health and counseling
    4. Legal services
    5. Child care
    6. Support for family members struggling with substance misuse

How does the program work?

Our Caregiver Advisors will help you enroll in Caregiver Solutions and provide a thorough needs
assessment and person-centered care plan based on your unique caregiving journey, preferences and goals.

Call 617-292-6211 or submit an online referral.