Supportive Housing Program

Research shows that supportive housing provides a stable home environment for older adults and people with disabilities resulting in reduced stress, and improved physical and mental health. That’s why Boston Senior Home Care’s Supportive Housing program is built with the resident at the center of everything we do to ensure the best services and supports are provided with compassion, respect, and dignity.

Our Supportive Housing program allows residents of senior or subsidized housing to receive a variety of social services and supports to help them live independently. The program is designed to support residents by identifying and coordinating the services needed to help improve residents’ quality of life. The program is staffed by our Tenant Resource Counselors who work collaboratively and play a key role in connecting residents with support services. They can also evaluate new residents as they enter a supportive housing site and throughout a resident’s tenancy to identify and monitor their changing needs.

Services provided by Tenant Resource Coordinators include:
  • Assessing each resident’s activities of daily living to determine their needs for personal care and other services
  • Advocating for and assisting residents with obtaining community-based services and supports
  • Coordinating exercise programs, social hours, wellness programs, and other activities that allow elders to congregate and socialize in a safe and supportive setting
  • Identifying and networking with appropriate community-based providers of support services to identify areas of collaboration
  • Facilitating healthy aging programs, such as falls prevention, cooking classes, yoga, Tai Chi, and more
  • Performing a variety of other functions to eliminate barriers and enable frail and at-risk elders and people with disabilities to live with dignity and independence