Honoring Caregivers

One of the many special days celebrated in February is National Caregivers Day, observed every year on the third Friday of the month – this year, it’s February 18th. The day honors the more than 53 million people in the United States who provide care to a spouse, parent, friend, or loved one.

But caregiving is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Many caregivers feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose knowing they are helping to keep their loved one safe and well, while others face common challenges that can leave them feeling overwhelmed. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has made caregiving even more challenging.

A recent community impact survey conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health shined a spotlight on the many issues caregivers continue to face. For example, along with being significantly worried about contracting the virus and infecting those they care for, caregivers are:

  • Twice as likely to lose their job, creating financial hardship and heightened concerns about housing costs and the ability to pay for food and other household supplies
  • More likely to have unmet technology needs, leading to increased social isolation, particularly for low-income, non-English speakers, and LGBTQIA caregivers
  • More likely to report post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, such as nightmares, feeling numb, and being easily startled

Fortunately, there are many caregiving resources available to help. Specifically, Boston Senior Home Care’s Caregiver Solutions program offers services and supports tailored to meet each caregiver’s unique needs. Our Caregiver Advisors carefully evaluate each person’s caregiving journey and develop a plan to help alleviate caregiver stress and provide the resources needed to care for their loved ones.

Services and supports include:

  • In-home support, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Respite care, Adult Day Health, and companion services
  • Counseling, education, and caregiver training
  • Support groups to connect with other caregivers
  • Specialized support for older adults with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • User-friendly technology to keep everyone connected and engaged
  • Assistance in applying for the SNAP food assistance program

There is no charge and enrolling is fast and easy. If you or someone you know is struggling to provide care to an older adult or person with disabilities, please call our Information Specialists at 617-292-6211 or submit an online referral.