ARCHANGELS and Boston Senior Home Care awarded a grant to expand caregiver access and inclusivity of respite care.

The grant supports Any Care Counts, a novel approach to caregiver engagement and service delivery.

BOSTON, MA – June 1, 2023 – ARCHANGELS, a women-owned Massachusetts company, and Boston Senior Home Care, a nonprofit human services organization, received a $649,075 grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS). Funds will be used to implement Any Care Counts – Massachusetts, an innovative initiative designed to increase recognition and support of unpaid caregivers in the Commonwealth. The ARCHANGELS platform provides the 43 percent of adults who are unpaid caregivers with access to the Caregiver Intensity Index™, an online tool that evaluates the drivers of intensity that many caregivers experience daily, which can affect their mental health and wellbeing. The resulting Caregiver Intensity Score acknowledges the challenges faced by unpaid caregivers and helps them navigate the many resources available that can have a positive impact on their caregiving journey, such as respite services offered through Boston Senior Home Care’s Caregiver Solutions program. 

“Learning we were awarded this visionary grant — alongside the extraordinary team of rock stars at Boston Senior Home Care — was one of those moments that made us want to jump around in glee. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been leading the way in supporting the often-invisible population of unpaid caregivers serving as the backbone of our communities. Thanks to the EOHHS, we can strengthen awareness, validation, and access to these extraordinary caregivers in data-driven ways that inform state-wide efforts and ongoing support,” said Alexandra Drane, co-founder of ARCHANGELS.

“We are extremely grateful to the EOHHS for their generosity in providing this grant opportunity. And we look forward to working in partnership with ARCHANGELS to expand access and enhance the resources currently offered through our existing caregiver program,” said Meg Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Boston Senior Home Care. “Our goal is to identify more caregivers in need of respite services and ensure they have access to the resources and supports they need in a culturally inclusive manner.”

In a recent report to Congress, the RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council identified the need for an information campaign designed to “bring family caregiving out of the shadows and make it a dinner table conversation in every home”. Any Care Counts will address this need through an extensive social media campaign to increase awareness of the program among caregivers throughout Greater Boston. “Often, caregivers don’t recognize themselves as being caregivers nor do they know how to reach out for support,” said Alicia Gomez, Chief Operations Officer of Boston Senior Home Care.

“We know that 79 percent of caregivers change their answer from ‘I’m not a caregiver’ to ‘I am a caregiver’ after getting their Caregiver Intensity Score,” said Drane. “Seeing ourselves in this role is an ‘aha’ moment that explains why we feel the intensity we do as we care for others, gives us the language to explain that feeling to others, and connects us to things that can help. The result of this partnership will also provide a data-driven roadmap that can extend the impact of these learnings across the state.”

“This project will help raise awareness of the many services available free of charge to caregivers,” said Gomez. “Boston Senior Home Care will also use the Caregiver Intensity Score data to tailor counseling, support, and resources to individual caregivers’ evolving needs.”


ARCHANGELS is a women-owned, Massachusetts-based company shamelessly hustling to make change happen for unpaid caregivers across the nation. Their omnichannel data-driven platform engages caregivers wherever they are — even those who do not see themselves in the role. It not only validates their experience but navigates them to existing resources — yet often underutilized due to lack of awareness — including respite services of all types. ARCHANGELS works with states, employers, healthcare providers, and payers to create an impact for caregivers in their communities. For more information, visit

About Boston Senior Home Care

Boston Senior Home Care is a private, nonprofit human services agency dedicated to ensuring that

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