March has no shortage of holidays and observances, from the well-known Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day to the recognition of Social Work Month.  However, one observance that is gaining significance is National Older Workers Week, which is celebrated annually during the second week of March.

While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 provides legal protection against discrimination for workers aged 40 and above, older workers continue to face challenges due to prevailing perceptions about age affecting performance, productivity, and skills.  National Older Workers Week is designed to showcase the valuable contributions that older adults bring to the workforce.

Today, reaching the age of 65 no longer signifies retirement for many people. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more people over age 65 are staying in the workforce longer than ever before. But, what motivates them to do so?

According to older workers themselves, the reasons are diverse. Many say that they enjoy their work, want to continue to learn new things and value social engagement. For them, work is not merely a means of financial support but a source of enrichment and fulfillment.

Employers also see the importance of hiring and retaining older workers because they promote an inclusive work culture that brings together a range of ideas and perspectives. Research shows that age diversity improves productivity and morale, sparks innovation, and helps reduce turnover.

At Boston Senior Home Care, we recognize and value the contributions of all employees, regardless of age. Our workforce comprises individuals from diverse age groups, cultural backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities, representing the communities we serve. In fact, employees over the age of 50 represent approximately one-third of our total staff. 

We celebrate and embrace the unique attributes of all our employees for a workforce that is equitable, inclusive, and respectful. Working together in this rich environment helps us understand the needs of those we serve and is an incredibly powerful way to build trust in the community. If you are interested in learning more about job opportunities at Boston Senior Home Care, visit our website HERE.

As we commemorate National Older Workers Week, let us reaffirm our appreciation for the invaluable contributions of older workers and strive towards creating workplaces that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.