Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – Back to School Help is Available

Students across the country are getting ready to board school buses for their first day of classes. New clothes and buzzing excitement for the opportunity to meet new friends and teachers.

Although a new school year means a fresh start, the post-pandemic world continues to place additional stressors on those raising and caring for school-aged children and young adults.

For grandparents raising their grandchildren, the academic year brings a unique set of challenges. Many grandparents find that raising grandchildren is much different from when they raised their children. And, in many cases, they weren’t expecting to need the financial resources and energy required to care for young children.

Grandparents are not the only ones experiencing difficulty when the back-to-school season begins. Children being raised by their grandparents often struggle academically and require extra help.

For many children, afterschool programs provide the added support they need. Consistent participation in these programs can help improve academic performance, boost class participation, and develop critical social skills.

But, how do grandparents get assistance with the educational needs of their grandchildren?

Boston Senior Home Care is here to help! We offer a variety of services and supports, including one-on-one counseling, assistance with school clothes and supplies, scholarships for afterschool programs and tutoring, referrals to foster care and guardianship resources, and financial assistance, such as the SNAP food assistance program, and more.   

Do you know grandparents raising grandchildren? Refer them to Boston Senior Home Care.

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